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A memorable experience at each stage of the trip

Personalized services and innovative tools before and during your trip guarantee...
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On-going support in the event of a geopolitical crisis or a natural disaster

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All reservations monitored by experienced travel agents if you make a reservation through our Online Reservation System

According to your vacation style,
Calparrio Travel will assist you with :


calparrio services transport

Whether you want to travel around the world, or the country, Calparrio Travel will book the mode of transportation that best suits you, and will offer the best prices based on your departure date, and your comfort category.

Leisure and Family Travel

calparrio services famille-decouverte

Whether you prefer individual or group travel, package or luxury options, Calparrio Travel will organize a trip that meets your requirements, and make your trip a unique experience, from transportations to hotel reservations including excursions.

Business Travel

calparrio services affaires

Calparrio Travel guarantees a worry-free experience. We adapt to your company’s requirements to ensure a better optimized stay. We will take care of all your reservations (plane tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, conference rooms, excursions, etc.) before your departure, and will bring the necessary modifications accordingly.

Group and Adventure Travel

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Experience an authentic adventure and discover world culture. Go on vacation worry-free thanks to Calparrio Travel expertise, and its private partnerships with renowned Travel Specialists.